The Mercury Client Portal brings you closer to Hiring Managers, improving the availability and flow of information and speeding up the time to hire.

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Hiring Managers can use the Client Portal to create, amend, and browse their own job openings, as well as offer access to other company contacts.

It allows hiring managers to give input, shortlist, request interviews, reject, or move candidates through the process by sharing information about candidates submitted for open positions. At critical phases, comments sections allow for input, with reasons and remarks logged in the CRM for the Consultant.

Secure timesheet or expenses approvals in real-time

The Portal provides you with a tool to share timesheet and expenses claims with your clients and allows them to approve or reject online.

A dashboard for client contacts is included in the Client Portal.

The dashboard can show information about what’s happened, what’s coming up, and what’s still outstanding at several levels, including Hiring Manager, vacancy, contact, and corporate administrator.

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